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De Unie van Indochina, ook wel Frans-Indochina, werd gevormd op 17 oktober 1887. Deze unie bestond uit de Franse koloniën/protectoraten Tonkin, Annam, Cochin-China en Cambodja. In 1893 werd ook Laos aan de unie toegevoegd, evenals de concessie Kouang-Tchéou-Wan in 1898 French Indochina (previously spelled as French Indo-China) (French: Indochine française; Vietnamese: Đông Dương thuộc Pháp literally meaning Bronze Ocean under French Control), officially known as the Indochinese Union (French: Union indochinoise; Vietnamese: Liên bang Đông Dương literally meaning Bronze Ocean Federation) from 1887 and the Indochinese Federation (French.

Indochine is a French pop rock and new wave band formed in Paris in 1981. They became very successful in the Francophonie, Europe and Latin America in the 1980s, with songs like L'Aventurier and Canary Bay. Following the release of several critically acclaimed, but commercially unsuccessful, albums in the 1990s, the group returned to stardom with the release of Paradize in 2002. The band has sold over 13 million albums and singles, making them the best selling French band Indochine ( French pronunciation: [ɛ̃dɔʃin]) is a 1992 French period drama film set in colonial French Indochina during the 1930s to 1950s. It is the story of Éliane Devries, a French plantation owner, and of her adopted Vietnamese daughter, Camille, with the rising Vietnamese nationalist movement set as a backdrop Indochine is een Franse film uit 1992. De film is een liefdes-dramaverhaal dat zich afspeelt in Frans-Indochina. Het speelt zich af tegen de achtergrond van Vietnamese onafhankelijkheidsstrijd, van de Yen Bai-muiterij in 1927 tot aan de onafhankelijkheid van Vietnam in 1957. Indochine werd bekroond met een Oscar en een Golden Globe The Indochina Wars ( Vietnamese: Chiến tranh Đông Dương) were a series of wars fought in Southeast Asia from 1945 to 1991, between communist Indochinese forces against mainly French, South Vietnamese, American, Cambodian, Laotian and Chinese forces. The term Indochina originally referred to French Indochina, which included the current states of. Indochine is een Franse rockgroep ontstaan uit de New wave beweging, en tot op het heden een van de meest succesvolle bands uit Frankrijk. Biografie. De groep is ontstaan in 1981 en kende grote successen in de jaren '80 in Frankrijk en de rest van Europa met.

Vietnam (also written as Viet Nam, Vietnamese: Việt Nam, [vîət nāːm] ()), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnamese: Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam), is a country in Southeast Asia and the easternmost country on the Indochinese Peninsula.With an estimated 96.2 million inhabitants as of 2019, it is the 15th most populous country in the world De Eerste Indochinese Oorlog (ook bekend als de Franse Indochinese Oorlog, Anti-Franse Oorlog, Frans-Vietnamese Oorlog, Frans-Vietminh Oorlog, Indochinese Oorlog, Vuile Oorlog in Frankrijk, en Anti-Franse Verzetsoorlog in hedendaags Vietnam) werd uitgevochten in de Unie van Indochina van 6 december 1946 tot 1 augustus 1954.. Tijdens de Conferentie van Potsdam in juli 1945 besloten de.

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In early 1940, troops of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) moved to seize Longzhou in south Guangxi, where the eastern branch of the railroad from Hanoi reaches the border, and also tried to move west to cut the rail line to Kunming. Chinese resistance, supplied from Indochina, was tough. Then on 22 June 1940, France signed an armistice with Germany, Japan's Axis ally Indochina, or the Indochinese Peninsula, is a region in Southeast Asia.. It lies roughly east of India, south of China.. Indochina comprises the territory of the following countries: Cambodia; Laos; Vietnam; These countries have been known as Indochina since the time of French Colonialism.. Often also included in the scope of the term are Bibliografia. Jean-Eric Perrin sous la direction de Paul Alessandrini, Indochine, Calmann-Lévy, 1986 ISBN 978-2-7021-1537-4 Marc Thirion, Le Septennat, Carrère, 1988 ISBN 2-86804-581-2 Nicola Sirkis, Les Mauvaises Nouvelles, Lattès, 1998 ISBN 978-2-7096-1889-2; Sébastien Bataille, Indochine de A à Z, Editions L'Express, coll. « Les guides MusicBook », 2003 ISBN 978-2-84343-302- 1840s-1890s - Wars of French colonization in Indochina. 1940 - French colonial government collaborates with Japanese aggression in Southeast Asia. Japanese military forces occupy bases in Vietnam while French colonial government continues to govern. Ho Chi Minh emerges as a leader of anti-Japanese resistance. 1945 - Japanese briefly assume direct rule in Indochina and recognize the.

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Indochina is a random map in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas and Age of Empires III. 1 Age of Empires II 1.1 Overview 1.2 Environment 1.3 Gallery 2 Age of Empires III 2.1 Overview 2.2 Minor civilizations 2.3 Wildlife 2.4 Treasure Guardians 2.5 Marine Treasure Guardians 2.6 History 2.7 Gallery The Real World map Indochina depicts the area of the mainland of Farther India, with the. The First Indochina War (generally known as the Indochina War in France, and as the Anti-French Resistance War in contemporary Vietnam) began in French Indochina on 19 December 1946 and lasted until 1 August 1954. Fighting between French forces and their Viet Minh opponents in the South dates from September 1945. The conflict pitted a range of forces, including the French Union's French Far. Indochina is another name for the southeastern Asian peninsula that comprises the territory of the countries of Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Laos. This region is heavily affected by the cultural influence of China, and to a lesser extent India

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  1. Indochina is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy led by Fluxify I who is the King of Indochina. There are elections every 2 months to elect a Prime Minister for Indochina, the current Prime Minister being Lumpoon. Mayors of towns in Indochina are Members of Parliament and vote in national decisions within the House of Representatives
  2. The Indochina Wars (Vietnamese language: Chiến tranh Đông Dương ) were a series of wars fought in Southeast Asia from 1946 until 1979, between communist Indochinese forces against French, South Vietnamese, American, Cambodian, Laotian and Chinese forces. The term Indochina originally referred to French Indochina, which included the current states.
  3. The First Indochina War (generally known as the Indochina War in France, and as the Anti-French Resistance War in contemporary Vietnam) began in French Indochina on 19 December 1946 and lasted until 1 August 1954. Fighting between French forces and their Viet Minh opponents in the South dates from September 1945
  4. Located in the South East Asian mainland, Indochina is a thriving multi-ethnic quasi-federal constitutional republic, now a constitutional and multinational commonwealth comprised of different nations with an origin in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam along with other overseas territories which makes up a population of 650 million people
  5. AMERIKANEN VERDWUN UIT INDO-CHINA US ARMY CIA anti-war art detail, from- Tentoonstelling over Indo China tegen Amerikanen in Indo China op Rembrandtspl, Bestanddeelnr 923-5763 (cropped).jpg 519 × 649; 68 K
  6. h War, Indochina War, Dirty War in France, and Anti-French Resistance War in contemporary Vietnam
  7. Indochine er en fransk New Wave-rockgruppe dannet i 1981. I 1980'erne havde gruppen stor succes i Frankrig og dele af det øvrige Europa, med sange som L'aventurier og Canary Bay. Efter en overvejende uproduktiv periode i 1990'erne, vendte gruppen tilbage i 2002 med det succesrige album Paradize

Indochina WDL310.pdf 975 × 1,279, 20 pages; 13.91 MB Insigna of the Free French Forces in the Far East Langlade Mission.jpg 700 × 530; 137 KB Japanese guard cap from the internment camp of Martin-des-Pallieres in Saigon.jpg 512 × 516; 54 K Directed by Régis Wargnier. With Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Linh Dan Pham, Jean Yanne. Eliane adopts Camille, whose Vietnamese parents were friends. In 1930, a French navy officer is interested in Eliane (owns 60km2 plantation) and later in Camille. There's an uprising in Vietnam against French colonial power

Indochine. Profile: French new wave/rock band, formed in 1981 by Nicola Sirkis and Dominique Nicolas in Paris. Soon they were joined by Dimitri Bodianski, and a little bit later by Sirkis' twin brother, Stéphane Sirkis. Since then, the band has gone through several line-up changes Indochina. From Hearts of Iron 3 Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for an unknown version. This article is a Stub, which means that it does not sufficiently cover its subject matter 1 History 2 Philosophy and doctrine 3 Organization 4 Society 5 Foreign relations 6 leadership 7 Future plans 8 Air Corps 9 Fleet and Units DRGI was founded when CozyAstro, a Vietnam war enthusiast, was informed the southern grand assembly was dissolved cozy had attempted to get south east Asia recognized under different names 5 times. initially thailand was to be included as a state but due to.

Articles and events specifically related to the year 1889 in French Indochina. ← 1880 · 1881 · 1882 · 1883 · 1884 · 1885 · 1886 · 1887 · 1888 · 1889 Plantía:Guerres d'Indochina La guerra d'Indochina o guerra d'Independencia d'Indochina foi un conflictu colonial qu'enfrentó a Francia contra'l denomináu Viet Minh de Ho Chi Minh que reclamaben la independencia de la Indochina Francesa (Camboya, Laos, Vietnam del Norte y Vietnam del Sur).El conflictu duró de 1946 a 1954.. La independencia d'Indochina foi la resultancia d'una llarga llucha. Indochina is a region of Southeast Asia; most narrowly, it is the former French colonies of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, which were collectively known as French Indochina during the colonial period until the Indochina wars.However, it is sometimes considered to also include Thailand, which was never colonised, and Myanmar, a former British colony, both of which share many cultural similarities.

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Indochina - Almost complete collection of stamps Omschrijving Indochina - Almost complete collection of stamps Gestempeld See the photos for a better estimation. You will only receive what's in the pictures. Possible flaws. Shipping via Colissimo. We will be away from July 3rd to July 26th Indochina - Selection 1904-1936 timbre some 4 FERME! Omschrijving Indochina - Selection 1904-1936 timbre some 4 FERME! Ongebruikt Aangetekend verstuurd door PostNL met tracking nummer. Zie de 3 foto's voor een eigen impressie van dit kavel. Alles is afgebeeld The following is a list of flags of French Indochina from 17 October 1887 to 9 March 1945. Union flags. Government. Flag Date Use Description 17 October 1887 to 9 March 1945: State flag and civil ensign: A tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist. Dienblad - Hout, Parelmoer - Bloemen - Indochina - Eind Qing / begin 20e eeuw Slechte staat, zie beschrijving - 9.2×18×30.3 cm Tea tray from Vietname / Southern China, from the late 19th century or the early 20th century Indochina o la peninsula indochinesa o l'Asia del Sud-Èst continentala es una peninsula del continent asiatic situada al sud de China e a l'èst d'Índia.S'entorneja a l'oèst pel golf de Bengala, la mar d'Andaman e l'estrech de Malaca e a l'èst per la mar de China Meridionala.Tradicionalament, las bòcas de Ganges formavan son limit occidental. Compren los païses e territòris seguents

  1. MOBIELE BAR - Hout - Indochina - Midden 20e eeuw Goede staat, zie beschrijving - 94×42×78 cm CHINESE BAR CABINET in carved wood Kavelgegevens Object MOBIELE BAR Materiaal Hout Periode Midden 20e eeuw Regio / land van herkomst Indochina Staat Goede staat, zie beschrijvin
  2. Cambodja, Frans Indochina - 13 banknotes Piastres - Various dates - Pick 54 / 76a / 82a / 85c / 85e / 92 + Pick 8c / 12 / 13b / 15a / 16b / 17 / 57a Wereldwijd-Aangetekendverzonde
  3. Indochina or Indo-China is a peninsula in Southeast Asia lying roughly southwest of China, and east of India.The name has its origins in the French Indochine as a combination of the names of India and China, referring to the location of the territory between those two countries, though the majority of people in the region are neither Chinese nor Indian
  4. Indochina suffers 355 casualties and Thailand suffers 120. Both countries agree to ask the international community for a peacekeeping force, Japan and Greece are the first to volunteer make up almost half the force, with the USSR, Malaysia and India making up the rest. Indochina demanded that US and French troops not be allowed in the force
  5. ent, the Japanese were concerned about an uprising against them by French colonial forces
  6. TheFirst Indochina Warwas a major independence conflict in Southeast Asia which immediately followed the end of World War II in September 1945. The Viet Minh, a Vietnamese nationalist and communist guerrilla organization led by Ho Chi Minh, engaged in a guerrilla struggle against the French colonial government for almost ten years, resulting in the independence of Laos, Cambodia, and a.
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United Republic of Indochina(Indochina of URI for short)is a country that is comprised ofLaos,Cambodia,Vietnam, andThailandand is aKorean-backed puppet state that was created to help maintain orderin various GKR-member states and is used to crackdown onIndonesiaandMalaysia. After theKPAinavded and successfully conquered the east coast and the entire continentalUnited States, all of southeast. French: ·Indochina· An orange-brown color. Indochine: Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionar A Indochina francesa (em francês: Indochine française; em khmer: សហភាព ឥណ្ឌូចិន, em vietnamita: Đồng Duong thuộc Pháp, pron. [ɗoŋm zɰəŋ tʰuək fǎp] e frequentemente abreviado como Đồng Pháp) foi parte do Império Colonial Francês, do qual era a possessão mais rica e mais populosa. [1] [2] Até o seu desaparecimento, em 1954, reuniu várias.

The Indochina War refers to the Fallout universe's analogue to the Vietnam War. The French colony of Indochina achieved independence in the early 1950s, but soon found itself entangled in a bloody civil war, with the western-allied southern state battling the Chinese-allied north. This culminated with the United States led invasion of North Indochina in 1965, ordered by President Nixon in. Indochine Trailer 1993Director: Regis WargnierStarring: Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Jean Yanne, Dominique Blanc, Linh Dan Pham, Linh-Dan PhamOfficial C.. La guerra de Vietnam (Vietnam War en inglés, Chiến tranh Việt Nam en vietnamita), [28] llamada también Segunda Guerra de Indochina, [29] y conocida en Vietnam como Guerra de Resistencia contra América (Resistance War Against America en inglés, Kháng chiến chống Mỹ en vietnamita) [30] fue un conflicto bélico librado entre 1955 [31] y 1975 para impedir la reunificación de. French Indochina was a grouping of French colonial territories in Southeast Asia which existed from 1887 to 1954. France grouped the Tonkin, Annam, and Cochinchina regions of Vietnam together in 1887, adding Laos in 1893. Indochina was administered from the city of Hanoi, and Indochina would later become a part of Vichy France after the fall of France in 1940. Japan invaded and occupied.

Vietnam War (Chiến tranh Việt Nam) Part of the Indochina Wars and the Cold War: Clockwise, from top left: U.S. combat operations in Ia Drang, ARVN Rangers defending Saigon during the 1968 Tet Offensive, two A-4C Skyhawks after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, ARVN recapture Quảng Trị during the 1972 Easter Offensive, civilians fleeing the 1972 Battle of Quảng Trị, burial of 300 victims. Tag order []. All countries in EU4 are identified by a tag. The tag order specifies in what order actions are resolved between tags.. For example, if Sweden is moving an army into a province a Danish army is moving away from, and both their movement is set to resolve on the same day, Sweden will catch the army as they are listed prior to Denmark on the order list L'Indochina francesa èra lo nom d'una partida de l'Empèri coloniau francés.Gropava lei colonias, lei protectorats e lei comptadors situats dins la peninsula indochinesa.Sa conquista se debanèt de 1862 a 1904 après una tièra de guèrras còntra leis estats locaus e vesins. Après l'afondrament de son autoritat coloniala durant la Segonda Guèrra Mondiala, França assaièt sensa succès de.

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Pages in category First Indochina War This category contains only the following page. First Indochina War; Media in category First Indochina War The following 43 files are in this category, out of 43 total. Play media. 1947-01-16 New Head Of Church Installed.ogv 1 min 11 s, 590 × 430; 11.14 MB Frans Indochina (voorheen gespeld als Frans Indo-China ) ( Frans : Indochine française ; Vietnamees : Đông Dương thuộc Pháp ), officieel bekend als de Indochinese Unie ( Frans : Unie indochinoise ; Vietnamees : Liên bang Đông Dương ) uit 1887 en de Indochinese Federatie ( Frans : Fédération indochinoise ; Vietnamees : Liên đoàn Đông Dương ) was na 1947 een groep Franse. Franséisch Indochina (Indochine française) ass deen Deel vun der Regioun Indochina, a Südost-Asien, dee Frankräich am Laf vum 19. Joerhonnert ënner seng Kontroll bruecht hat.. Franséisch Indochina huet aus follgende Gebidder bestanen: Tonkin ();; Annam ();; Cochinchine (Saigon, haut Ho Chi Minh City);; Laos ();; Kambodscha ().; Bis op d'Cochinchine, déi de Statut vun enger Kolonie hat.

Indochina pòt designar Indochina: la peninsula asiatica; Indochina francesa: l'anciana colonia francesa; Indochina britanica s'utiliza a vegadas per designar la Birmania a l'epòca coloniala.; Indochine es un grope de rock francé Indochina: An Ambiguous Colonization, 1858-1954 (University of California Press; 2010) 490 pages; a history of French Indochina. Chandler, David (2007). A History of Cambodia (ed. 4th). Boulder, Colorado:: Westview Press. ISBN -8133-4363-1. Selenggaraan CS1: tanda baca ekstra ; Duiker, William (1976). The Rise of Nationalism in Vietnam, 1900.

Wiki Indochina. 60 likes. Indochina. See more of Wiki Indochina on Facebook. Log I Indochine [film] - De film is een liefdes-dramaverhaal dat zich afspeelt in Frans-Indochina. Het speelt zich af tegen de achtergrond van Vietnamese onafhankelijkheidsstrijd, van de Yen Bai-muiterij in 1927 tot aan de onafhankelijkheid van Vietnam in 1957 1 cent 1938 A, French Indochina, graded MS 64-RB. Copper coin with a special history

Explore Indochino: Custom clothing for the modern man. We're innovating the way men dress. Shop suits, shirts & accessories First Indochina War; Part of the Indochina Wars, the Cold War, and the decolonisation of Asia: Clockwise from top: After the fall of Dien Bien Phu supporting Laotian troops fall back across the Mekong River into Laos; French Marine commandos wade ashore off the Annam coast in July 1950; M24 Chaffee American light tank used by French in Vietnam; Geneva Conference on 21 July 1954; A Grumman F6F.

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