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Lorcan Scamander (April 16,2007-Present) is a Half-blood Wizard born to Rolf and Luna Scamander (née Lovegood). Lorcan is often considered the more reserved twin as well as being very observant to his peers. He loves to go on nature expeditions and is very kind and honest Lorcan Scamander (b. 1 December 2007) is one of the twin sons of Rolf Scamander and Luna Scamander (née Lovegood). Lorcan has a twin brother named Lysander, and both went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2019, the same year as Lily Potter II and Hugo Weasley. Lorcan, like his father, was sorted into Hufflepuff Notes. It's interesting to think about when exactly Lorcan and Lysander were born. According to A Year in the Life, Luna had children considerably later than Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. Harry's last child was born in 2008. However, by 2014, Rita Skeeter is unkindly theorizing that the twins are 'too disturbed to be seen in public' (Pm/QWC), which seems a very odd statement to make. Lorcan Newt Scamander (b. 7 August, 2004) was the identical twin brother of Lysander Scamander. His parents were Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander. He was the great-grandson of Newt Scamander, the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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  1. Lorcan Newt Scamander (b.May 1, 2007) is a pureblooded wizard attending Hogwarts. He is a Ravenclaw currently in his fifth year. fathe
  2. Newton Newt Artemis Fido Scamander is een personage uit de Harry Potter-boekenreeks van de Britse schrijfster J.K. Rowling.Hij is een bekende magie-zoöloog en de auteur van Fabeldieren en Waar Ze Te Vinden.Op 12 september 2013 maakte Joanne Rowling bekend dat ze een spin-offfilmserie zou maken, gebaseerd op de wereld van Harry Potter, met als hoofdpersonage Scamander
  3. Lord Lorcan Salvaterre is the most powerful demi-Fae in existence, and a former member of the cadre that served Queen Maeve of Doranelle. He is currently blood-sworn to Aelin Galathynius and is the Lord of Perranth. 1 Biography 1.1 Heir of Fire 1.2 Queen of Shadows 1.3 Empire of Storms 1.4 Kingdom of Ash 2 Personality 3 Physical description 4 Skills and Abilities 5 Relationships 5.1 Elide.
  4. Xenofilus Xeno Leeflang (Engels: Xenophilius Xeno Lovegood) is een personage uit de Harry Potter-boeken van J.K. Rowling.. Leeflang is de hoofdredacteur van het roddeltijdschrift De Kibbelaar en de vader van Loena Leeflang.Hij zorgt ervoor dat het artikel over de ontmoeting van Harry Potter met Heer Voldemort (aan het eind van het vierde boek) van Rita Pulpers wordt geplaatst in zijn.
  5. Wij zijn Scamander - the Data Liberation Company® We zetten al ruim 20 jaar onze expertise als data-reisbegeleider in voor de implementatie van digitale informatievoorzieningen bij organisaties. Door onze kennis van veel verschillende leveranciers, kunt u bij ons rekenen op neutraal en betrouwbaar advies
  6. Lorcan Scamander is the son of Rolf Scamander and Luna Lovegood, and brother of Lysander Scamander. He is also the great-grandson of the famous magizoologist Newt Scamander. Pottermor
  7. Template:Rb Lysander Scamander (April 16,2007-Present) is a Half-blood Wizard born to Rolf and Luna Scamander(née Lovegood). Lysander is very a loyal ,adventurous and some people would consider him a nature lover. From 2018 to 2025 he attendattend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Ravenclaw. He is also the twin brother to Lorcan Scamander and the best friend.

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Lorcan Brotherbear-Scamander is lid van Facebook. Word lid van Facebook om met Lorcan Brotherbear-Scamander en anderen in contact te komen. Facebook.. Browse through and read or take lorcan scamander stories, quizzes, and other creation

Lorcan Scamander is lid van Facebook. Word lid van Facebook om met Lorcan Scamander en anderen in contact te komen. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker Lorcan Scamander Lovegood is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Lorcan Scamander Lovegood and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and.. LORCAN SCAMANDER. || Seventh Year || Hufflepuff || Beater || Bio. Pictures. Letters. Facts. Journal Entries. Interactions. [ooc] |RP Browse through and read lorcan scamander fanfiction stories and books. Browse through and read lorcan scamander fanfiction stories and books . Sign up Log in. Follow Zara Scamander during her life, because when brooms, fists and feelings fly there is a lot to handle. Add to library 3 Discussion. H.S.W.W The Next Generation: Melusina Riddle

Lorcan Scamander (11) Scorpius Malfoy (8) Albus Severus Potter (7) Lily Luna Potter (5) James Sirius Potter (4) Lysander Scamander (4) Draco Malfoy (3) Hugo Weasley (3) Luna Lovegood (2) Include Relationships Lorcan Scamander/Rose Weasley (13) Scorpius Malfoy/Rose Weasley (5) Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley (2 lorcan scamander. eighteen - ravenclaw. home mssg submit roleplay other muses. I guess this sounds like another sad love song I can't get over how it all went wrong But, I let the words come together Then, maybe I'll feel better. sink Lorcan Scamander is one of the twins born to Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander. He has a twin brother, Lysander. Lorcan means fierce one in Gaelic. Lorcan d'Eath is the part-vampire heartthrob singer who enjoyed 19 weeks at #1 for his hit song 'Necks to You;' also featured as Wizard of the Month in November 2006. Lorcan is also a common name for either a werewolf or vampire in fantasy novels. The latest Tweets from Lorcan Scamander (@Lorcan_ATHP). 16.Lorcan R. Scamander Lovegood. Ravenclaw. Gemelo de Lyssander. {Blame the nargles}. Torre de Ravencla

And Augusta, along with her husband, Lorcan Lovegood-Scamander, taught Care of Magical Creatures at Castelobruxo. She became close friends with one of the Caipora, the little mischievous spirit-beings that cause more trouble than Peeves, and no student would dare make trouble in her class Lorcan quickly became shier than he already was, and it seemed that the only person who could open him up was Lysander or with enough time and patience, his parents. His play dates with the Weasleys and the Potters began to fall flat as the older kids tried to force him out of his comfort zone, and very quickly he took to hiding in the kitchen with the grown-ups where no sort of bullying would. Announcements: Changes to Universe of the Week! » RPG: Season of Giving 2020 » Universe of the Week! » Finding Universes to Join (and making yours more visible!) » Guide To Universes On RPG » Starter Locations & Prompts for Newbies » RPG Chat — the official app » USERNAME CHANGES » Suggestions & Requests: THE MASTER THREAD » Latest Discussions: Surviving the post-holiday apocalypse Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Starte

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  1. It's absolutely the schooling, that's where I went downhill too, ha. Thanks, Love - but it's James Scamander, get it right. Hey, you're still having plenty of sex. Lorcan: It'll be an adjustment for both of us, that's for sure. At least if Lily gets too upset and needs to see my face you can just get my brother to come over. Weird to think about
  2. Lorcan Hamish Scamander || Hufflepuff || January 21 st. Dreamcast: Xavier Samuels Quidditch Position: Beater Career: Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures He would have been sorted into Hufflepuff like his father was (in my opinion Rolf was a Hufflepuff just like Newt)
  3. Lorcan Scamander (b. 1 December 2007) is one of the twin sons of Rolf Scamander and Luna Scamander (née Lovegood). Lorcan has a twin brother named Lysander, and both went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardr
  4. Follow/Fav Lorcan Scamander and the Eternal Flame By: Ember Nickel Challenge response: Lorcan Scamander has never cursed in Latin, raced through a dungeon maze, or danced at a ball. Yet

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The latest Tweets from Lorcan Scamander (@Lorcan_RAHP). 17. slytherin. Hermano gemelo de Lyssander . Patoso, despistado... #LosNarglesExstien. ♡Rose mi mejor amiga♡ Soy un salid Started: April 18, 2020 Finished: April 24, 2020 BOOK 7 of Opposites Attract Companion Book(s) BOOK 1: Spite ↠ JAMES SIRIUS POTTER BOOK 2: Strange ↠ ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER BOOK 3: Trouble ↠ TEDDY LUPIN BOOK 4: Charm ↠ LOUIS WEASLEY BOOK 5: Resist ↠ FRED WEASLEY II BOOK 6: Naive ↠ SCORPIUS MALFOY BOOK 8: DROWNING ↠ LYSANDER SCAMANDER BOOK 9: KEEPER ↠ HUGO GRANGER-WEASLEY Harry. Lorcan Scamander es uno de los dos gemelos nacidos por Luna Lovegood y Rolf Scamander. Tiene un hermano gemelo, Lysander, y una hermana menor, Lizzy. Tiene una mascota la cual es una bella mariposa australiana. El actualmente tiene 16 años, nació el 28 de Agosto del 2001 Lorcan Scamander. HOME ASK SUBMIT ARCHIVE THEME. One and the Same Biography Family Friends Dreams. Smile like you mean it. Lorcan knew he had a lot of work to do to ensure he passed his exams. But he knew he could do it. posted 3 years ago with 0 notes. posted 4 years ago with 0 notes lorcan scamander. I'm currently in my fifth year at Hogwarts, a Ravenclaw, and I'm told that I take after my mother - perceive that as you will. Oftentimes, you can find me with my nose in a book or wandering around the school grounds, so long as you know where to look

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Rolf Scamander-Husand of Luna Lovegood, father of Lorcan and Lysander Scamander Luna Scamander (nee Lovegood)-Wife of Rolf Scamander, mother of Lorcan and Lysnader Scamander (see Lovegood family) Lorcan Scamander-Son of Rolf and Luna Scamander, twin brother of Lysnader Scamander Lysnader.. Galton Scamander (father) Mother; Newt Scamander (grandfather) Porpentina Scamander (grandmother) Luna Scamander (née Lovegood) (wife) Lorcan Scamander (son) Lysander Scamander (son) Xenophilius Lovegood (father-in-law) Pandora Lovegood (mother-in-law) † Affiliation; Occupation: Naturalist House: Hufflepuff. Loyalty: Hogwarts School of. Lorcan Scamander. Lily's property. Extendió su brazo para Lorcan la ayudara a levantarse y pudiera llevarla hasta la chimenea. — ¿Dónde están las niñas? — Quería tenerlas ahí y sabía lo emocionadas que estaban por recibir a los bebés — Y si no le avisamos a Lys va a perder la cabeza — Dijo,. Dienstag, 04. Januar 2022 | 09:00 - 11:00 Uhr Sonderunterricht Wirklich viel zum gestrigen Wetter hat sich nicht geändert. Es liegt noch immer eine erhebliche Menge Schnee auf den Ländereien Lorcan Scamander. Second Year University student. Assistant teacher for Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Twin of Lysander Scamander. Animal enthusiast

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Ice Princess It's about Dominique Weasley and Lorcan Scamander. One book, 607 pages: A Deathly Hallows quotes competition! This one I tied my entry in with the one above becasue I had an idea where I could use Lysander Scamander and Lucy Weasley, who are a mentioned couple in Ice Princess, the link to this one will be Linked below this one Ao que tudo indica, a família Scamander tem como primeiro grande membro conhecido um famoso escritor que se chama Newton Ártemis Fido Scamander, conhecido popularmente por Newt Scamander. Ele foi o escritor do livro atualmente mais usado em Trato das Criaturas Mágicas: Lorcan e Lysander Scamander Lorcan Scamander. by @Alison Smith HP️‍ Follow Collection. 39 Hearts; 1745 Followers; Born in 2000s Twin of Rolf Scamander and Luna Lovegood House: Ravenclaw Actors: Cole Sprouce. Similar Collections ch; neville longbottom. by @korolrezni 122 ♥ - 146 Followers Follow. ' . Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Lorcan Scamander anzeigen. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Lorcan Scamander und anderen Personen, die du kennen.. Lorcan ist ein kleiner, verträumter Sonnenschein, der jeden Moment seines Lebens genießt. Diese Seite hat er von seiner Mutter, durch welche sein Charakter doch maßgeblich geprägt wurde. Er ist stets er selbst und strahlt eine unbestechliche Authentizität aus, die ihn durchaus sympathisch macht

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Lorcan Scamander :octopus: 10/08/16. Eres Lorcan o Lysander Scamander? Es la pregunta más recurrente desde que recuerdo, soy de la casa Hufflepuff. También soy el prefecto, y juego en el equipo de quidditch como golpeador Mi clase favorita, dejando aparte Cuidado de Criaturas Mágicas, que tanto a mi hermano como a mí nos encanta, es. Scamander is inmiddels met pensioen en woont in Dorset met zijn vrouw Porpentina Goldstein en hun drie tamme Kwistels. Zijn kleinzoon Rolf is getrouwd met een vriendin van Harry Potter, Loena Leeflang. Samen hebben ze twee kinderen; Lorcan en Lysander

Lorcan is the more confident of the Scamander twins. He talks to pretty much anyone he sees. Lorcan is a lot more like his father than his mother. He doesn't believe in anything unless the proof is there. If the boys weren't identical, no one would expect they were related Lorcan Scamander It is the certainty that they possess the truth that makes men cruel. Yeah except they're not beating me to a pulp, Lorcan, they care about me and they accept me and why are you trying to. Lorcan Scamander is the son of Rolf and Luna Scamander.. Next Generation; Gryffindor: Albus Potter · Asabi Goldstein · Hugo Weasley · James Potter · Janice Smith · Lavender Longbottom · Lily Potter · Peggy Longbottom · Rose Weasley · Thomas Finnigan · Trevor Longbottom: Hufflepuff: Cecily Macmillan · Ernest Longbottom · Morag Smith · Patrick Dunstan · Teddy Lupin · Terry.

Lorcan hängt an beiden Elternteilen, wenn auch mehr an seiner Mutter, als an seinem Vater und dennoch ist er der coolste Vater der Welt. Er brachte den Zwillingen mit sieben Jahren bereits das Fliegen bei und allein dafür liebt der jüngste Scamander seinen Dad Lorcan Scamander (kleinzoon) Lysander Scamander (kleinzoon) Afdeling: waarschijnlijk Ravenklauw: Afstamming: volbloed of halfbloed: Filmvertolker: Rhys Ifans: Personage vanaf: Harry Potter en de Relieken van de Dood: Portaal Harry Potter Lorcan Scamander stalked through the corridors of the dormant Hogwarts Express, students bidding their parents farewell with teary eyes outside the softly puffing scarlet beast. He ran his teeth over the glistening silver ring that sat along the right of his bottom lip, shaking his collarbone-length wispy pale blonde tangles out of his ashen silver orbs as he went

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Lorcan Scamander character in Harry Potter, twin brother of Lysander; Lorcan Foley Sr. and Jr. characters in Irish soap opera Fair City Lorcan character in the 2008 film Summer of the Flying Saucer Lorcan character in the 1951 film Talk of a Million Lorcan Barnes character who appeared in one episode of TV's JA Search results for lorcan scamander GIFs. Create and share your own lorcan scamander GIFs, with Gfyca 15-oct-2019 - Sattinne descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest

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  1. Lorcan Scamander (b. 1 December 2007) is one of the twin sons of Rolf Scamander and Luna Scamander (née Lovegood). Lorcan has a twin brother named Lysander, and both went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardr
  2. Lorcan Scamander is finally ready for a steady relationship with the exuberant Lucy Weasley, the feeling might even be mutual! Only one problem: she isn't allowed to date unless her older sister Molly does. And she'd rather drop dead. Now, he's got to find Her Royal Frigidness a boyfriend so he can be Lucy's
  3. ded me that how much I love anything related to you. I didn't carry Esme, but she's also
  4. Lorcan: yeah, well, Jade's always sort of sucked. So she's just staying on brand. Ha, eventually. I don't even know where she is right now. She was one of the best things to come in to our lives. Stop, I loved her from the moment she arrived at the flat. We are. No one can deny that, ha

Lorcan Scamander, though I take it you obviously knew that already. Lorcan said with his usual, dashing smile. The last name was hard to ignore, but he figured there was no reason to comment on it. Ah. Well. I hope you at least enjoy some of the things that come with it Lorcan Scamander. You can call me Lo, or Lorce. I'm a sixth year Ravenclaw, and I'm the older twin. You probably know my brother, Lysander. Looks just like me, except if you look closely, I'm more.. The latest Tweets from lorcan scamander (@notlysander). NO, THIS IS LORCAN ———————————---- the other scamander; just trying his bes Lorcan N. Scamander is lid van Facebook. Word lid van Facebook om met Lorcan N. Scamander en anderen in contact te komen. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker Ein Video zu den Charakteren Lily Luna Potter [Amanda Hendrick] und Lorcan Scamander [Chace Crawford] des RPG's 「ƇƦЄЄƤƖƝƓ ƊƛƦƘƝЄƧƧ 」 auf www.animexx.com

See a recent post on Tumblr from @emittingauras about lorcan-scamander;. Discover more posts about lorcan-scamander; Lysander Scamander's Twin (younger by 7 minutes). Ravenclaw Brilliant. Shy. Rare (people says weird). Quiet. Honest. Kind. Curious. Animalist. Convinced that wizards are alike to creatures. Draws. Low sport or social skills. Great idea maker. Cold by a strange event of the moon on him. San Mungo's patient due to a resolution of the ministry in relation with Hunter's death Lysander and Lorcan Scamander. #lysander scamander #lorcan scamander #Lysander and Lorcan #Scamander twins #hp next gen rp #hp next generation. 43 notes. wandlores. Follow. Make Me Choose: Prewett, Weasley, or Scamander Twins - for anonymous . Lorcan and Lysander could not be any more different, looks and all Вы не перепутаете его с братом

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  1. The latest Tweets from Lorcan Scamander (@Lorcan_01): *slides into my seat next to @ScornedPrince; dragging a menu over to us* Here
  2. Lorcan: Stop it right now, James Potter. I would drop anything to be at your first match. Yes, it is, but you'll make your name known. I know you will. You'd never be just another bloke. You and I both know there's some kid like Bella out there who will think you are some kind of living legend because of what you do on that pitch
  3. Lydia Rose Scamander is the daughter of Luna and Rolf Scamander and sister of Lorcan and Lysander Scamander. She appears in the in-progress fan fiction Luna and Rolf's Extraordinary Girl. Lydia is fairly childlike for her age. She tends to be very trusting and sweet, always trying to see the best in everyone. However she is also very intelligent, having a sort of philosopher's and child's view.
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Lorcan Scamander It is the certainty that they possess the truth that makes men cruel. I'm really glad you're here, Lorcan. Like, you will be getting heart-stoppingly good kisses kind of glad. Actually, I was placed in Research & Development. Your girlfriend is smart. And it's sorta kinda fun, a lot of the time Browse through and read new lorcan scamander stories and book

Lysander and Lorcan at Scamander residence . Taken by Luna. Summer 2013. #luna lovegood #luna scamander #lysander scamander #lorcan scamander #lorcan and lysander #wotter #wotter clan #wotters clan #wotters #next gen #next gen hp #next gen harry potter #next generation #next generation hp #next generation harry potter February 12, 2011 in Words | Tags: Lorcan Scamander, Lysander Scamander, piano, singing, twins | Leave a comment I found motivation in piano-ing through the twins today. I feelawkward, using their playful banter (and mistakes in piano-ing and singing) but I got myself to play happily instead of -sigh- -groan- etc Ten Things You Didn't Know About Lorcan Scamander by 100-percent-Harry-Potter-obsessed reviews The first time he meets Lucy Weasley, he can't stop staring at her. He had thought all of the Weasleys had red, fiery hair Lorcan Scamander character in Harry Potter, twin brother of Lysander; Lorcan Foley Sr. and Jr. characters in Irish soap opera Fair City Lorcan character in the 2008 film Summer of the Flying Saucer; Lorcan character in the 1951 film Talk of a Million; Lorcan Barnes character who appeared in one episode of TV's JAG; Dr. Lorcan O'Brien character in the Irish RTÃ TV series The Clini View the profiles of people named Lorcan Scamander Hpang. Join Facebook to connect with Lorcan Scamander Hpang and others you may know. Facebook gives..

8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - listen to the first lorcan scamander playlistlorcan scamander including Bastille, Colbie Caillat, and Coldplay music from your desktop or mobile device This chapter, an exploration of Lorcan Scamander, will make slightly more sense if you've read A Lot to Learn. Fair warning. When his twin brother called a family meeting, Lorcan Scamander knew something earth-shattering was about to happen. Lysander hated family meetings

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